The Enforcement Action Plan has increased law enforcement’s capacity to proactively target organized crime involvement in illicit drug production and distribution operations, with a focus on marihuana grow operations and clandestine laboratories. Funding has also enhanced the capacity of the criminal justice system to investigate, interdict and prosecute offenders.

The Enforcement Action Plan:

  • Provides funding to the RCMP to expand its dedicated anti-drug teams to help locate, investigate and shut down organizations involved in the production and distribution of illicit drugs;
  • Gives additional resources to the Public Prosecution Service of Canada to provide legal advice to law enforcement at the investigative stage and to effectively prosecute those involved with the production and distribution of illicit drugs;
  • Increases the number of Health Canada inspectors and investigators to ensure accurate and timely analysis of suspected illicit drugs seized by law enforcement;
  • Increases the capacity of Canada Border Service Agency to inhibit the cross-border movement of precursor chemicals and illicit drugs;
  • Helps law enforcement stop the flow of money that organized crime makes from the illicit drug trade;
  • Improves the ability of Canadian law enforcement officials to conduct joint investigations with their United States counterparts; and
  • Ensures that serious penalties are in place for serious drug crimes;