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Drug Facts


Cocaine and Crack Cocaine
(aka Coke, Crack, Blow, Rock, Stardust, Snow)

  • Cocaine and crack cocaine are addictive.
  • There is NO antidote that can reverse cocaine's effects - an overdose can be lethal.
  • Physical signs of snorted cocaine and crack cocaine use may include a red, chapped and runny nose.
  • Used regularly, snorted cocaine can cause a hole in the wall between the nostrils causing frequent nosebleeds.
  • Psychological signs of regular use include poor school and job performance and increased preoccupation with buying and preparing the drug.
  • Short-term adverse effects of cocaine and crack cocaine use include increased blood pressure, breathing difficulties, anxiety, paranoid thinking, hallucinations and more.
  • Long-term effects include depression, mood swings, violent behaviour, difficulty sleeping, a loss in the sense of smell, a lack of interest in food, potential impotence and more.
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