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Drug Facts


(aka E, XTC, Love Drug, Euphoria, Party Pill, Hug Drug)

  • Street drug only made in illegal labs.
  • Tablets may not even contain ecstasy - could be filled with cornstarch, soaps, detergents or other drugs.
  • The logos on the tablets are meaningless. They don't identify what's in the pills or what are the risks.
  • The effects of a single hit of ecstasy can last from 3 to 6 hours - but the after-effects may last for days or weeks (much longer than any party).
  • Short-term effects are unpredictable; may cause euphoria, as well as anxiety, decreased appetite, increased blood pressure and heart rate, teeth grinding, nausea, paranoia, hallucinations and more.
  • Long-term effects of ecstasy use include weight loss, exhaustion, anxiety, depression, psychotic symptoms and more.
  • Get the full facts on ecstasy.

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